Planned release: 2018

Young Jani lives in a small town in Western Ukraine in the Hungarian minority. He is fed up with the boring life and drowning in the overbearing love of his mother.

He gets his draft-call from the Ukrainian Army, to fight the Russians. He could escape the military service just like many others do, but instead he chooses to go to the war 1500 km away, trying to break away. The film provides us with an insight into a mother-and-son story in the shadow of war. The visuals combine cinema verité style with mobile footage, taken during the military service.

  • Directed by: László Csuja

  • Photographed by: Zágon Nagy

  • Producer: Ágnes Horváth-Szabó, András Pires Muhi,

  • Co-producer: Gábor Kovács (Filmpartners – HU); Quentin Laurent (Les Films de l’oeil sauvage – FR)

  • Editor: Ágnes Mógor

  • Consultant: György Pálos, Péter Kerekes

  • Status: in post production