Planned release - late 2018

Hervé, the proud former soldier, forced to flee the Ivory Coast after the civil war in 2011, finds himself stuck in Greece as an irregular immigrant. After getting together with a Greek girl and having a baby he becomes a smuggler in order to feed his family.

In 2015, an unexpected call arrives from Africa: his dying father has nominated him to be the leader of their tribe.

The drama of the decision about leaving behind the land of “freedom and wealth”, including the life of a criminal and returning home to continue as a local tribal king unfolds in front of the director’s eyes, who’s been shadowing Hervé for over 5 years.

  • Directed & photographed by: Gabriel Babsi

  • Producer: Ágnes Horváth-Szabó, András Pires Muhi

  • Executive producer: Paul Miller (Escape Pictures – NL)

  • Co-producer: Anamaria Antoci (Domestic Film – RO)

  • Editor: Emmanuelle Baude, Katalin Pázmándy

  • Status: post production