50 MORE MINUTES (2016)

The film tells the story of the qualification process of the Hungarian national football team for the 2016 European Championship with behind the scene footages,which have never been seen before.The director András Pires Muhi, a former football player himself, shot the whole film and basically became a teammate throughout the 90 days of shooting. He attended every training sessions, tactical meetings, he followed the players closely during their qualification matches.The result is an emotional, humorous and exciting film about a football team of a small nation that finally succeeded to get into the European Championship after 44 years.

Director / DOP: András Pires Muhi
Producer: Gábor Kovács
Co-producer: András Pires Muhi, Tamás Sztancsik
Editor: András Pires Muhi, Gábor Pál Gelencsér